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Designed for women done by women 


Give more bladder control   |  Increase sexual pleasure   | Improves the strength function & elasticity of vaginal muscles   |  

Improves vaginal dryness    |  Non- invasive painless  no bleeding | No effect on fertility |  Last 1 to 2 years


PH balance   |  Sensitivity   | Post Menopause   |  Post Child Birth 

Dryness  |  Stress Incontinence | Thrush | Early Prolapse | Lichen Sclerosis | Vaginal Atrophy | Painful Sexual Intercourse

During our vaginal tightening procedure the probe (femiwand) emits HIGH-INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND in tiny beams these converge under the skin , when this occurs it creats heat under skin this activates the collagen in layers of skin causing it to tighten.

The vaginal wand 360 degree rotation provides consistent results lasting between 1-2 years


(Outer labia sculpting is included in the price.

HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND machine is emitted in the form of beams these beams penetrate the skin to target the three different layers of the epidermis, 

  • the eperdermis is the layer if skin on surface

  •  Thee dermis is second layer containg the nerves & blood vessels. 

  • The third layer is the most important in HIFU treatment.

The HIFU technology can penetrate through all layers making it much more deeper & effective than an other non surgical technology. Once the ultrasound beams have penetrated the skin it creates tiny source of heat which stimulates the collagen to grow & repair.

By targeting the eperdermis dermis & muscular layer this produces an effective tightening and rejuvenation of the face .

Treatment is safe long lasting & risk free





considering between 3 to 6 million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence (according to NHS) you can rest assured you don't suffer alone.As seen on screen the vaginal tightening procedure helps with stress incontinence as a result of laughing coughing sneezing or even general exercise. Make incontinence a thing of past



Like skin the vaginal tissue is built up by a supporting network of collagen fibers,


During child birth and during the aging process these fibers get stretched & weaken giving a loose feeling, vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity is very common this can also lead to less pleasure during sexual interiors.



Women will experience an improvement in vaginal dryness and general vaginal tightness .


Over 90-180 days , the wound healing response stimulates long-term tissue & leads to further lifting & tightening 

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