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Carbon Facials


Acne|  Pigmentation  |  Enlarge Pores  |  

Uneven Skintones  |  Texture  | Wrinkles | Ageing Skin  | Sun Damaged Skin

Carbon Laser peel is also known as black doll facial. It is a two part treatment that can instantly treat acne, pigmentation and clear skin leaving a brighter smoother texture.

After the carbon lotion is painted on skin we use our top of the range 1064 NDYAG to produce collagen elastin remodel and rejuvenate skin this also helps with fine line and wrinkles.This is the perfect treatment for large pores when targeting acne. The high energy goes straight into the membrane and destroys it, reducing acne and imflammation.

During the treatment the laser breaks up the carbon lotion into fine particle and then absorbs them by destroying the carbon and removing dead skin cells and impurities. The Skin receivers a deep exfoliation 4 times stronger than any other peel on the marker leaving the skin considerably brighter and smoother in tone and texture.

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