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Enhanced tissue regeneration  |  Balanced skin moisture barrier |  Increased collagen and elastin production|  Smoother, radiant skin texture

Skin boosters can be used to treat many different skin areas. The most common is the face, followed by the neck, décolletage and dorsum of the hands. However, they can also be used on difficult to treat areas, like tightening the skin under the chin (RRS), the upper inner arms, inner thighs, knees and abdomen. They are safe for all skin types, ages and genders.

Skinboosters for acne scarring help improve skin elasticity, tone and thickness. Skinboosters prevent wrinkles, lines and folds. This is important with patients with acne scarring as they are very susceptible to get severe wrinkling in the areas of scarring.

Unlike a cream, the results of the skin booster treatment are more effective, since its application is through infiltrations, improving the water balance of the skin from the inside. The treatment uses Korea’s Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS) to allow for faster absorption into the skin.

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