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Elite Slim and Tone


Instant Results  |  Gain that Muscle |  Look and Feel Great  |  


Muscle building and fat removal technology. The new revolutionary way of shaping up. Emslim is high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger what's called supra maximal contractions that kind that is achieved by a workout. Four thirty minute sessions is all you that is required. This is the equivalent to 80,000 sit ups or squats. By forcing the muscles to contract it cause fat loss and muscle growth. Clinical results show 19% fat loss and 16% muscle increase in 1 treatment.

It is particularly affective for people with a BMI of 27 or less. There is no recovery time and you can continue with your daily work routine. Also affective in the  shoulders and arms. Many males see outstanding results in these areas. Females see best results in abdomen and buttocks.  



this is an expensive one time treatment. We will build the muscle, you then need to keep it. 

4 sessions is required over 2 or 4 weeks. This treatment is priced at over £3000 in the UK. At Elite we cut that price in Half £1500 (4 Sessions)

So many people work so hard training and just cannot get that six pack, V Shape or buttocks muscles they dream of. Em slim will help you achieve this

This treatment is a favourite with Kim Kardashian, J-LO, Drew Barrymore and has been featured on many tv shows and magazines. It is Beverly Hills best selling treatment non surgical treatment.

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