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Safe & affective   |  Natural cellular rejuvenation  |  Anti-aging  |  Stimulates collagen  |  Tightens lifts & smooth skin 

Reduced scarring  |  Helps pigmentation 

DERMATOLOGISTS can not stop talking about the benefits of controlled micro wounds. MICRONEEDLING  stimulates collagen and elasticity. MICRONEEDLING also knowing as (CIP) COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY or (PCI) PERCUTANEOUS COLLAGEN THERAPY use small needles on a medical grade device to cause tiny puncture in skin , at a controlling depth causing trauma to skin small contact points in skin encourage the body to heal & renew skin cells. French physician Micheal Pistor was among one of the first supporters of collagen induction therapy. DR. DES FERNANDES from South Africa introduced a skin microneedling roller for treating fine lines around mouth in 1996.

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