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PRP Epidemal Scalp Regrowth


Helps Dry Skin|  Flaky and Itchy Skin |  Hair Loss |  

Alopecia  |  Post Pregnancy Hair Loss  | Menopause Hair Thinning 

Platelet rich plasma is a treatment that has recently won many awards. Eperdmal Scalp Regrowth is performed using hydra pen and my filler PRP to target the superficial layer of the scalp to rejuvenate the matrix of the hair to stimulate healthy hair growth.

This is a painless treatment with many benefits and can treat a lot of scalp issues. 

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Helps Dry Skin

  • Flaky and Itchy Skin

  • Hair Loss

  • Alopecia

  • Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

  • Menopause Hair Thinning 

  • Dermatitis  

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